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Published the Fri Jan 13, 2017 9:43 am

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  • icon Country Country : United States of America
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Description :

We are looking for some new staff members to help this forum get going again these members will be know as Trial Staff. We are looking in the United States also with references and resume. This is only volunteer work with no income.
Send a e-mail do not put your information on the forum only by e-mail. We may ask you to write an article of a certain species of fish, plan or something aquatic. Members if you have what it takes them simply send your request and answer why you want us to add you on our team! Of course we will not just take everyone as the team will choose only those who really deserve to be on the team. Sometimes we might just choose someone randomly from the community and ask you if you want to join our team! By what we have see in a members "meaningful elements in their posts". So be prepared to be asked! But we like to see also new applicants to apply for staff.

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